People who will not sustain Trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people

Temperature through year 2040 become 55°

The amount of dust 100+ tons per year

The amount of rain will decrease by 40%

🌱 A national initiative to rehabilitate desert areas and plant them with ecological plants.

🌱 Activating the role of social responsibility for private institutions and civil society in cooperation with government agencies.

🌱 The Initiative is considered a platform for coordinating efforts between governmental and private agencies and the private sector.

Drone and smart seeds

Advanced modern technology is among the factors that help improve productivity in various fields, especially in the field of agriculture. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or what is known as "drone", has begun to be used in agriculture in the recent period, and this is what is known as "drone farming" or "drone farming". Drone farming technology is used to improve productivity and quality in agriculture, and helps improve crop management, monitor diseases and pests, and plan irrigation, fertilization, and harvest more accurately and effectively. This technology also allows access to areas that are difficult to reach by traditional methods, and solves the problem of labor shortage in agriculture.

Nano technology

Cultivation using soil improver clay is an ancient and effective method of sustainable agriculture. Soil improvement clay is used to improve soil properties and increase crop productivity without the need to use environmentally harmful chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Soil improver clay is produced by mixing natural clay with other ingredients such as sand, compost, compost, small stones and dried grass. These ingredients are mixed together in the right proportions to get the perfect soil mix.

Water box

The water box technique is an agricultural technique used to provide water to plants in an efficient and economical manner. This technology relies on the use of sealed boxes equipped with pipes to deliver water, and is used to plant plants in dry areas or in places that are difficult to reach with water vehicles. The plants are placed inside the water box and the box is filled with water, and the water is connected in a continuous manner through the pipes inside the box. In this way, enough water is supplied to the plants without the need for daily manual watering.

Subsurface irrigation

Subsurface irrigation is an irrigation system in which water is directed directly to the roots of plants through a system of special tubes placed below the surface of the soil. This system is characterized by providing a specific amount of water to each plant according to its actual needs, and reduces water evaporation and loss due to environmental factors. The technology used in subsurface irrigation is more efficient than traditional irrigation systems such as drip or sprinkler irrigation, where water is supplied directly to plant roots rather than distributed over the soil surface. Water utilization is optimized in this system as water evaporation through soil and surface evaporation is reduced, thus more water is available to plants.

Intellectual contribution

Intellectual contribution

Media contribution

Media contribution

Material & tools

Material & tools

Financial contribution

Financial contribution

KOC & KGW society MOU signature ceremony .

Planting Mangrove Event

Participation with KOC, Kuwait Army and Kuwait Green Wall society in Subiya to plant mangrove.

Our participation in COP 28 UAE with State of Kuwait Pavilion.

Dr Issa Ramadan participated in Kuwait Pavilion as a guest speaker to present “ The role of civil society organizations in increasing green ”

Anas Abdulaziz Burhamah

Permaculture designer and trainer

It is heartening to have someone who carries the banner of volunteer environmental work and has excellent experience in coordinating between official bodies whose cooperation is rare on the scale of what I have seen.

Fahad Yousef Bourahma

Kuwaiti Army Ground Force

The Green Sur Society, as a volunteer team, contributed to unifying efforts and spreading environmental culture and their effective role in the success of the Plant campaign.

Essa Ramadan


Kuwait Green Wall Society, a group of ambitious Kuwaiti youth who are jealous of their country and their environment to lay the foundation for establishing this Society to plant desert areas with a green fence.

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